It happened; today I turned 30. And to be honest I am still in shock that I made it.

To help myself put things in perspective I have been thinking of my life like this:

12 year ago I finished Xavier

11 years ago I lived in London

10 years ago I lost my virginity

9 years ago I bought my first drink

8 years ago I graduated college

7 years ago I quit a job for the first time

6 years ago my heart was broken for the first time

5 years ago I moved to Australia

4 years ago I took over the responsibility for a company

3 years ago I jumped out of a plane

2 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer

and just over 1 year ago I beat cancer

And somewhere in between I met my best friends, lost a great grandparent and a grandparent, fell in love three times, traveled four continents, burned a man, caught people when they fell, and fell myself countless times.

For the past few weeks I have been sitting down to write about turning 30, and somehow everything was coming out misdirected and disingenuous, but now I know why. I have been so caught up in thinking of all the things that I did wrong, that I forgot that I did one thing right. I lived. I may not be all the things I was hoping to be at this stage in my life, but I am something far greater than that person – I am the person that I am.

When I was young no one really told me that life was going to be filled with so many twists and unexpected turns, but even if they did I ignorantly would have dismissed their advice. Living is the teacher who teaches us the lessons that we remember and forever change our perspective.  I am realizing that the person who I set out to be is not who is was meant to be, because he could never handle the life I was given – and the person I actually am is far stronger than anyone I could pretend to be.

For the first time in a long time I am sitting here kicking back and laughing to myself thinking of what life has brought me and how that has made me the man that I am. So even though hollywood lied to the adolescent Stevie Lo, it’s okay. Living for real is much sweeter.

Cheers to thirty! Let’s hope this next decade is even more ridiculous than the last.