The Journey of Stevie Lo


September 2016

A little prose goes a long way

I think that there is the great misconception of burning man as a giant drug induced orgy. I mean, don’t get wrong there is a presence of both at the burn, but as you read this someone in your hometown is getting high or getting fucked; neither of which is a bad thing. The party aspect of burning man is one of the elements, but alone it could not stand. On my first post talking about the enigmatic shift I have been feeling since the burn, I talk about how the most amazing thing for me was the people. Continue reading “A little prose goes a long way”

Burn Baby Burn

So I have been riding high ever since getting back from Burning Man last week; there is some air in my step, wisdom in my words and confidence in my energy. I like this feeling; I like this feeling a lot. I am trying to not be annoying and to diversify the conversation on topics more than the Burn, but when an event turns you inside out it’s hard to not reflect on the process, and in this case, shine in the glow. Continue reading “Burn Baby Burn”

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