The Journey of Stevie Lo


September 2015

Surgical Elements

As human beings we feel the need to categorize and divide. We separate our world into different hemispheres and continents, segregate our species into cultures and nationalities, reign dominion over creatures of the earth and sea, always carefully keeping the divide. We draw lines and boundaries to guarantee that there will be no overflow, or cross contamination between two carefully split groups. What happens when the lines are not so distinctively drawn; or worse, what happens when we forget that there really is no line at all? Continue reading “Surgical Elements”


When the words fall away

Have you ever had nothing to say; not a shell shocked silence, or drug induced stupor, but rather no internal message to convey. The present melts into the past and the future, and across the three the lack of verbiage is the same. Have you ever feared that thing that made you special, was about to be lost in the permeating lack of expression. Continue reading “When the words fall away”

The Art of Decision

I firmly believe that everything we do is a decision. We have the power to choose everything in our lives, even the way we feel;  but we do not necessarily act on it? Let us say we are unhappy at work, if we do not do anything to alter the lack happiness, then we have decided to be unhappy at work. Even something as simple as taking a shower, there comes a moment when we decide to take a shower, there maybe extenuating circumstances that would make it seem as though the decision is not ours, but ultimately it is. We assess the pros and the cons of each event and determine what is the best decision to make.  Continue reading “The Art of Decision”

It’s My Hair, It’s My Hair

I find myself feeling foolish this morning; instead of realizing all the beautiful memories I was making with people, I was focusing on all the things I wasn’t doing. Instead of taking a step back and allowing the unconditional love that has been sent my way to seep in, I was focusing much on all the things I have been becoming incapable of. I was forgetting that the contents of the glass are so amazing, whether its half full or empty can only fall secondary. Continue reading “It’s My Hair, It’s My Hair”

Yes, I am vain.

I am starting to become more aware. Part of being aware is looking at your fears dead on and becoming one with them. It’s not about facing or conquering the fear, it’s about getting comfortable with it so that it no longer holds it power. Words on this scale cannot measure to the practicality of one doing it. Our fears range on an unending scale, so they can not be measured or compared, but instead we should take small steps to meet them. Continue reading “Yes, I am vain.”

Fragile: Handle With Care

Dear Universe,  Continue reading “Fragile: Handle With Care”

I’ll Never Forget

When something life altering happens there’s always a clear line drawn in ones emotional journey – before the event and after the event. Whether we made the decision, or destiny thrust the change onto us, the clear moment of distinction stands out in a sprawling conjecture of our history as one of the instances that shaped our lives.  Continue reading “I’ll Never Forget”

Jucin’ bro?

I finally did it. I finally had steroids injected into me… Continue reading “Jucin’ bro?”

What does it mean to suffer?

We often shield our heads and guard or hearts, ignoring the suffering that has fallen on to us, hoping to make it by unscathed. Yet, when we ignore the suffering we ignore the opportunity for something greater; wisdom.

Continue reading “What does it mean to suffer?”

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